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Understanding Radio Advertising

Lets cut through the bull. You are a business that wants the best results from your investment in marketing and to be honest, youve probably heard enough sales speak to last you a lifetime! Right, here are the real essentials you need to know about radio:


RAJAR figures is the industries way of letting you know the popularity of the stations you advertise on. As with any figures though, these can be open to abuse by profiteering stations looking to manipulate your view on their offering. So, lets look at the stations available to you on the Island:

  • Energy FM – they dont get RAJAR figures so you cant tell how many people will hear your advert. However, if youre targeting the younger audience, it could be worth some of your investment.
  • 3FM – they like to point out they have a stronger RAJAR audience in the 30-45 age bracket. Well, they do have a good listernership in that bracket and we would recommend that a proportion of your budget could be used here. However, dont be totally fooled, the actual RAJAR figures speak for themselves, and you may not have heard the full story yet!
  • Manx Radio – we have over 35,500 listeners across all age brackets – that’s 48% of the Island’s population listening to Manx Radio, which we think gives you a much better return for your investment! Anyway, dont take our word for it ? unlike other stations, we are happy to publicise the FULL RAJAR figures for your deliberation.

Visit the RAJAR website for full details – www.rajar.co.uk

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