Manx Radio – Your National Station

When you start life from a static caravan, you can’t blame us for feeling just a little proud of what we have become! It all began in June 1964 when, working from our newly installed caravan on a hilltop in Onchan with our mast outside the front door, we put out our first Island wide broadcasts. Oh, the heady days of being buffeted by high winds, needles skipping off the records and presenters getting seasick due to the motion of the caravan in high winds…

1969 saw us move to Broadcasting House overlooking Douglas. The perfect location and a building with its own unique history having been a Royal Navy radar training unit during the second world war! ’69 was also the year we started transmitting from ‘the mountain’ as the Snaefell mast went live. A definite high point in our history…

In 2002, Tynwald accepted the Darwin report they had commissioned to look at the future of broadcasting on the Isle of Man. As a result Manx Radio became the National Public Service Broadcaster of the Isle of Man with a remit to inform, educate and entertain.

So, what next?

Looking back is great fun, we’ve certainly come a long, long way. But that’s only one chapter in the story. Now it’s time to look ahead. Island residents and businesses face a whole new set of challenges and as the Island’s National Broadcaster, we have to be right at the forefront of bringing you the news and entertainment you want and need. Yes, sometimes that involves changes and changes aren’t always readily accepted but change we must. For our advertisers, our new SMART initiative brings something completely different to radio advertising – simplicity. For years, advertisers just like you have been saying things like ‘how does it work? Explain that again?’ Well, now we’ve listened and acted. SMART is a radical change to the way you buy advertising. No complicated schedules, no overworked incomprehensible airtime splits. Just clear and simple…radio in a box!

And that’s just the start of our SMART initiative… we will be rolling out other tangible benefits to our SMART advertisers all with one simple goal, to help increase your bottom line profit. As we move forward into the future, every single one of your businesses is critical to the ongoing success of our Island, and nothing is more important than that.