Question Time!

1 June 2016

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To drive leads and revenues, radio ads are still a powerful and effective tool for your business. With smart ads, you’ll reach customers and increase your sales through radio. But what are the essentials to a great audio-only ad? How do you convey the right message? More importantly, how do you get them to make that purchase decision after hearing your commercial?

Our copywriters have tonnes of experience, and know the best, most creative ways to really bring your business to life, but before you approve a commercial to go to air, ask yourself the following…

Do you know your audience?

How old are they? What’s their gender? Can you describe the person that’s most likely to hear your commercial? You need to know as much as possible about the potential consumer of your business, so we can find the best ways to engage with them. The more you know, the more chance we have of catching their attention by understanding what makes them tick.

Does it start strong?

Don’t waste time with boring introductions or verbose explanations, get straight to the point and start hammering the benefits. Since you’ve taken the time to know your audience and what they want, we can craft a powerful intro that captures their attention and creates interest. Even adding an endearing jingle, comical scenario, shocking fact or interesting dialogue will grab their attention.

Does the voiceover match your brand?

Without a visual medium, everything relies on the voice, tone, pace, variety, and emotion. The speaker needs to sound scared, excited, nervous, calm, etc to match the feelings we want the consumer to feel.

How many times is your company name mentioned?

This may seem like an obvious one, but particularly if you are new to the radio advertising market, you will need to mention you business name at least two, ideally three times in the commercial to ensure the consumer remembers you.

Does it have a strong CTA?

Ask yourself: What is the one thing you want them to do at the end of the commercial? Visit your website? Call a phone number? Visit your store? Whatever it is, make it crystal clear to your audience.

Then, keep it simple. Unlike explainer videos on websites, radio listeners can’t click on a button while driving in a car or while on a treadmill. Heck, many of them don’t have the chance to write down a phone number on a piece of paper or memorize a complicated URL.  Make the phone number easy to remember and only use simple web names or search engine terms.


So, next time you set to work on a new advertising campaign, make sure the message ticks all the boxes, and you’ll be on to a winner!