Important Decisions To Be Made…

24 June 2016

Decisions, Desicions

Good Afternoon blog readers!

While everywhere is dominated by the Brexit news today, we are still working away in our office with our clients about some other important decisions… Well, important decisions when it comes to advertising anyway!

We have discussed quite in depth with a few clients about the decision on the length of commercial to have in their campaign. And, while we have written in this blog before about the huge benefits of using 30 second commercials for brand building and having a 15 second commercial for a high impact call to action campaign, what if the budget or advertising package only allows for 15 second airtime… How can you utilise that to its full potential?

It’s all about teasing the listener.

Using every second to give enough information and use engaging language to entice them in enough to want to find out more. Whether that’s coming into your shop, calling or going online.

For example, here is a 15 second commercial for our fake lighting store:

Whether you’re looking for the perfect lamp to finish your room in style, or a gorgeous fitting for your dining room – Find a great range of lighting and accessories at the Manx Lighting Shop! Find us on facebook or come in store and browse the Manx Lighting Shop on Strand Street, Douglas.

Not bad! It gets everything across… but unless you are specifically looking for those particular items right now, you may be switched off by this advert.

So, how about…

It’s time to make a change. A small change that’ll revolutionise your decor. Be inspired and discover the wonder of transforming your home… The Manx Lighting Shop. Like us on Facebook and find us on Strand Street, Douglas. The Manx Lighting Shop. Where inspiration shines bright.

It may not be a huge difference, but all the contact information is there which we need, but the rest of the advert is used to inspire, engage and make the listener think more or question their decision. We don’t need the information on light fittings and lamps, as it is clear this shop will do that! So we can use the time to really pull the listener in.

Although we still believe 30 seconds is a great amount of time to sell your business, a 15 second commercial can still be just the amount of time to tease those listeners in.

So now, the decision is up to you…