Can we fix it? Yes we can!

30 June 2016

Can we fix it-

Good morning blog readers!

Well it’s been a great week here with the team as we are working on a great range of new jingles and audio with clients. Stay tuned for some fresh, creative and interesting adverts coming to our airwaves in the coming months.

But for great audio to be as effective as possible, it needs great airtime placement.

When we book a campaign, we take great care within our traffic department to make sure we traffic your commercials in the best possible airtime. And if you are booking multiple spots per day, we ensure you get an even, great spread throughout the day too.

But how can you take it even further?

Fixed Spots.

When booking a campaign, you can choose from anytime, guaranteed prime time of fixed spot times. And with fixed spot times, you can pinpoint the exact break you want to appear in.

And this can be entirely up to you. So you could pick a break when people first wake up, the school run, lunch time, just  after work, while people are cooking their tea… whenever you feel works best for the product or service you are offering with your commercial.

Of course we can advise you too, with our experience in what works for businesses in your industry, and what our RAJAR figures suggest you will get the best coverage.

So if you want to be sure of when you commercial will play, and guarantee the best times available, ask our team about Fixed Spot Campaigns and get yourselves on air to your potential clients.