Advertising News: Finance Offers

8 June 2016


Afternoon blog readers!

It’s a busy time at Manx Radio HQ at the moment as we are in the midst of TT, but normal business is still underway in the Business Team office as we are out and about with our clients all over the island. This week we are working on brand new campaigns with clients and developing some super creative audio.

Many of our clients have great ideas when it comes to their audio on their campaigns with us, and it fantastic to see the spark of an idea come to life with a brilliant production. But, one thing that can be a tricky aspect of radio advertising is when it comes to terms and conditions.

Caveats are the burden of all copywriters as they take up valuable seconds from the creative aspect of a script. But in some cases, they have to be there.

In TV advertising, you’ll often see the small print on the screen whilst the advert is played. It doesn’t need to be directly on screen and doesn’t have to be said by the voiceover; as long as it’s there somewhere. In radio, there is no way of getting the small print apart from getting the voiceover to explain them.

For example, if you are promoting alcohol or gambling, you must include a caveat which says “Please drink/gamble responsibly” at the end.

If you have a sale of special offer and there are certain terms that apply, these must be mentioned; such as while stocks last, the end date of the sale, any exclusions that apply. If you do not mention any of these but you have them in place in store, the consumer has a right to challenge you due to the advertising not matching the conditions of sale.

Another area which has required lengthy caveats in the past is car finance. If you hear car finance commercials, you will notice that almost half of the commercial can be taken up with finance terms and conditions. This is when there is a 0% APR on the deal and the Finance Conduct Authority stated that all commercials must include a full representative example of the finance deal. However, it has been announced today that this is no longer needed. Hoorah!

This new rule applies to all car finance advertising, but radio stands to benefit most from this, and it means that if you are a local car dealer wishing to promote your latest greatest car offer – We can now make even more out of the valuable seconds we have with your advert and get even more creative!