10 Benefits of Social Media for Business

13 June 2016

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Good afternoon everyone!

Well that was TT week! We can’t quite believe it’s been and gone already.  What a fantastic week it was – and how great it was to see so many visitors enjoying our beautiful isle.

It’s never been a better time for our SMART Social Management clients, as we’ve had tons of engaging content to share with their followers.  If you’re an existing client already on board with our SSM programme, you may find it hard to believe some businesses we meet with are still reluctant to get involved with social media!

A national study found that “89% of marketers said that social media has generated more exposure for their business” –  and with that in mind, here at Manx Radio HQ we’ve put together a list of the benefits social media can have for your business, in a bid to convince those technophobes out there to get onboard!

  1. It will increase brand recognition

Implementing a successful social media strategy will create a strong personal connection with your customers.  Like with radio advertising, social media allows your brand to creep in to the subconscious of your consumer by maintaining a consistent presence in their minds.  It sounds harsh, but you are so easily forgotten about if you do not have a presence online.

  1. You can target your audience

Unlike some traditional marketing methods that appeal to the masses, Facebook advertising allows you to select your specific target audience based on age, gender, location, and interests.  Identify your target audience as if it were a person; decide who would be interested in your products or services and target accordingly… the results should speak for themselves!

  1. You can monitor results

Facebook puts you at the centre of the conversation – monitoring the activity on your page will give you a valuable insight in to what people are saying about your business.  Not only that but it gives you the opportunity to speak up if needed – to deal with any negative feedback, or even just a “thank you” for a great comment you received on the page.

  1. It’s cost effective

Facebook for Business is free to sign up! There’s no hidden costs, no monthly payments.  If you chose to spend some of your marketing budget on Facebook paid advertising, you can literally engage with your target audience for a few pounds.  A budget of £1 per day for 1 week can reach up to an estimated 2,500 users.

  1. It’s social!

You spend your days being business-like so why not let your hair down a little!? Facebook is a social environment, so consumers are expecting a more relaxed approach when looking at your business.  By keeping conversation light hearted and friendly, you are humanising your company so to be seen as more approachable.  The first step for getting consumers to invest in your product is to engage with them!

  1. You can keep an eye on the competition

Once you get to grips with Facebook, it can become a powerful research tool for gaining insights into your competitors.  Business pages are available for anyone to see, and Facebook insights allow you to “watch” your competitors to see how their pages are engaging in comparison to your business.

  1. You will gain new customers

Word of mouth works wonders on social media, particularly within the close-knit community of the Isle of Man.  If your page or business is memorable for the right reasons, people will tell their friends! Facebook gives you the power to reach a wider demographic that traditional marketing methods wouldn’t necessarily achieve.

  1. It gets the message across quickly

You’ve just spent all day putting together a super window display advertising your summer sale… why wait for people to walk down the high street to see it? Posting to social media is instant! You can tell the world all of your exciting news, latest offers, job vacancies, share local information, new products etc. at the click of a button

  1. It can increase website traffic

If your business is predominantly online, Facebook can be used a great holding page for consumers to click through to your business.  Posting links to your website through social media will see a significantly increased figure for new visitors.

  1. Exposure!

Facebook has 1.65 billion active users worldwide. Yes, you read billion! It is said around 48,000 of those users reside here in the Isle of Man.  Considering the island’s population is estimated at 85,000, you have the opportunity to potentially engage with over half the island…  the figures speak for themselves!

We hope we’ve managed to convince you that there really is no reason not to have a presence online.  If you still find the concept a bit daunting, why not come along to one of our Facebook training sessions up here at Broadcasting House? Ask your sales rep for the details!