13 – Lucky for some!

12 May 2016


Afternoon blog readers! We hope you have had a great week so far. It’s been a fantastic creative week for us as we have work hard on some great new products to make your radio advertising work harder – Watch this space! And next week, some of our team head over to London to represent the Business Team at the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards, as we are nominated for Sales Team of the Year!

One of the main projects we have been working on in recent years is finding the best balance when it comes to frequency (The amount of spots per day) and length (The amount of time your campaign runs for).

It may be Friday 13th tomorrow, and the superstitious amongst you may see it as bad luck, but when we look at our recent RAJAR figures, it seems 13 is the magic number! Unlucky for some, but the most effective way to communicate with your potential consumer on ur station. Over a 13 week period, Manx Radio reaches 87% of the listening public on our island. That’s nearly 9/10 people! So if you want to be able to reach 9/10 people that are walking past your shop window, a campaign on Manx Radio is the way to do it.

And, while we are on the subject of shop windows, did you know that the ROI on radio for the retail sector is over £18 per £1 spent. So when you book a 13 week campaign, the returns will speak for themselves.

We have written before in our blog about the importance of using radio for long term branding campaigns, to enter the subconscious of the listener over a long period of time. The longer your campaign is on air, the higher chance you are going to have of more and more people hearing it. So, if you opt for a longer campaign than 13 weeks, it’s a great idea to have multiple Audio Design’s produced to keep the campaign fresh and keep the listeners engaged.

Talk to our team today and ask about our SMART radio campaigns which are easy to plan, easy to set up and a fantastic, creative, efficient way to get your business out there. And with the amazing price we have for the SMART Radio campaigns, the only question to ask is, why would you want to advertise for less than 13 weeks?!