Manx Radio Local Focus

28 April 2016

Good morning blog readers!

It’s been a great couple of weeks for us as we have welcomed two new members to the team.

Stephanie Matthews has joined our Commercial Media side of the business. Stephanie brings with her a wealth of creative social media knowledge and skills and so allows us to strengthen our digital expertise further for our clients.

Bethan Hooper joins our Business Development side of the business team, which enables us to grow our client relationships and build on our growing and diverse client base. Bethan brings a fantastic vibrant approach to the sales of our business, along with an impressive understanding and knowledge of digital and social marketing.

And so, with our brand new, growing team we are able to bring you even more exciting products and developments in our offering for your business. Whether that’s commercial airtime, outside broadcasts, social media or coming on board with our local initiative, Local Focus.

Local Focus has now been running for nine months on the island, and we have seen a huge success in both consumers and businesses joining the initiative.

It’s all about celebrating our island. The amazing businesses, shops and services we have to offer is incredible, and if 40,000 people on the island spent £20 a month on island instead of off island of online, that would add a phenomenal £10million into our economy each year. How great would that feel? Untitled design (1)

And so, Local Focus Ambassadors are coming on board to promote this cause in their shops and business premises with stickers, posters, banners and information to educate consumers and get our island loving local again! We also have fabulous postcards for consumers to fill in about their favourite local shop or service and request a song to be played on Manx Radio, it’s all good fun!

And, if you run a business and you want to take your commitment to Local Focus even further, you could become a sponsor! Along with the fabulous merchandise to display at your business, you will get airtime coverage from presenters, commercial airtime, web and social media coverage too.

But it’s not just about promoting your business, it’s about supporting all those other likeminded, committed, determined, creative business people just like yourself. Joining a celebration like Local Focus shows the consumer you love the island, love your business and want the best for them and their community.

Local Focus has a dedicated Facebook page in which we promote those businesses on board as well as inviting consumers to join the conversation about their love for our island – Check it out here.

And if you want to find out more about joining Local Focus as an ambassador or a sponsor, give our team a call on 682 621.

And let’s feel great about our island.