Host a Radio Show at your Premises!

26 May 2015

Afternoon all! We hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend.

10399423_889441217750473_2018113547065858667_nIt’s a busy week in the office for the team as we close our books for Radio TT 2015. The TT always comes around so quickly, but we are loving the commercials we have ready for the station and are so glad to have many clients returning to the airwaves; as well as new advertisers for the station on board.

The summer season also sees our team busy with preparing outside broadcasts. Those longer days and warmer temperatures mean our broadcast van will be seen out and about across the island every weekend throughout the summer. We’ll be attending so many exciting events with our partnership programme, and some interesting promotional OBs at our clients’ premises too.

But why do OBs make such good advertising sense?

An outside broadcast is when we present a radio show from a different location to our Douglas 10489983_885467588147836_2471462521894852942_nHead studios. You will host one of our presenters for the whole show and they will broadcast live from your premises. Not only great fun, this allows for multiple messages to be portrayed with more depth and character than standard advertising campaigns.

In the space of a two hour OB, you could get in up to 8 links talking about your products, services or just having a general chat with our presenter to boost your company profile. Or, if you don’t fancy yourself as a co-host radio star, our OB team will prepare key notes and information for our presenter to push for you. We would also take images to share on our social media platforms to further promote

The OB would be promoted a week ahead of the show to let people know where we will be, and every link the presenter does throughout the show will mention your business – You will almost own that slot on the Nation’s Station!

10689678_922433204451274_2284791943174431728_nWhether you’re hosting an open day, have a big anniversary, your launching a new product or you need to promote your location – Our business team have the experience and creative knowledge to get your outside broadcast sounding great on air.

Who said radio advertising was all about spot plans and ad lengths? Let’s get creative with your budget and try something different. Our outside broadcast facilities are waiting, our business team know it will work for you, and our presenters are ready – Are you?